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Trophy Brewing Trickshot Imperial India Wit The Beer of Accomplishment

This week’s beer is Trophy Brewing’s Trickshot, a crisp and refreshing slap on the fanny for tasks accomplished and jobs well done. This feisty little bubbling wit is bold and congratulatory. On a chilly night in November it might seem to some to be a bit discordant to drink a wit. It might seem equally discordant for a beer weighing in at 7.5% to be so light, airy and refreshing, but this is exactly the kind of ale that doesn’t conform to preconceived notions and silly seasonal limitations and preferences.

November 05, 2013—Sadly, this was a week of self-loathing and self-contempt. While I embrace fully the concept that an individual needs to be his own cheerleader and not rely on others for encouragement and motivation, I think it’s equally important for one to be his own harshest critic. While guilty of no great transgression or nefarious deed, I had finally reached that point where all the tinkering, adjustment, and recalibration of my personal goals/regimens were not netting the returns that I hoped for and needed. It seemed that is was time to kick myself in the rear and once again completely change direction.

I’m a bit unusual in that I actually love change and find it energizing and exciting—On occasion I stomp the emergency brake and throw myself into a bootleg turn. It isn’t always fun and it usually isn’t easy, but by week’s end, it was done. True to the mission of this blog I relied on music to bolster my attitude and my outlook. Through application and determination I managed to completely reverse the self-hatred and was feeling that cathartic sort of belief that this time you REALLY are gonna get done what you want to get done—on a recurring basis—and its gonna stick. All I needed was a special something to toast to my success.

And I found it. Or should I say, I found myself at Trophy Brewing in Raleigh NC. Trophy is a wonderful little place with a hip and cozy vibe and is technically a nano-brewery. Nano-breweries are an intriguing and exciting new part of the craft beer movement and really are a little beyond the scope of this particular post. A gross oversimplification is that they are small output providers of 3-6 barrels per batch of whatever styles they elect to brew.

At Trophy I was able to sample four varieties of their elixirs and was fabulously impressed with each. What a way to end a personal productivity drought! While I liked the Baltic porter, the barrel-aged Wee Heavy and the Saison, I settled on the Trickshot Imperial India Wit. Our bartender Durell took good care of us which probably required a great deal of patience on her part. She was very willing to share her knowledge of the product and of the brewery. My only regret was having eaten dinner just before hand—the pizza looked divine and I’m sure made a wonderful pairing with their crispy ales.

An important shout out for Lonerider Brewing as well, since they collaborated with Trophy on this particular ale. Collaboration is one of the neat things about the craft beer community and I find it especially nifty when it occurs cross-town. I don’t know who came up with the category for Trickshot but just seeing ”Imperial India Wit” made me excited at the prospect. The presentation was divine as well and the trophy tulip glass is a must buy.

At Beer Playlist we talk about the intersection of good moods, good music and good beer. This week was a particularly good example of how those forces can come together in different ways. Thanks to Trophy for their contribution. This week, Trophy takes the trophy!

The Playlist

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    Nothing like a hard-luck song set to a fast two-step beat. The beauty of country music.
  2. 0
    This is a beer site, so this title—well, I think you get it. G.Love and Special Sauce always lift me up.
  3. 0
    La Bamba is a classic tune—which I adore—but I have always had a soft spot for this lesser known jewel.
  4. 0
    Don’t know why, but this one has been percolating all week on the ipod.
  5. 0
    Man, this cat was cool. Makes you see yourself in every 50’s nostalgia movie ever made.
  6. 0
    I never would have thought these dudes would have had as long and as varied a career as they have, but I am so glad they did.
  7. 0
    Kind of a spaghetti western vibe...makes you want to ride off in the sunset with her voice.
  8. 5
    One of the best tunes from one of the best “best of” albums ever.
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    Bubblegum. Never be afraid to admit you like it.
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    When you’re having a bad week, sometimes it feels like everyday should be a holiday.
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    Starts with that cool dark beat, all surf and secret agent movie sounding…
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    I always finish upbeat so I had to save his song “Texas Women” for a future playlist.