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Stone Enjoy By 09.13.13 IPA The Beer That Sets Parameters

This week’s beer is Stone Enjoy By 09.09.13 IPA. An inspiration. An inaugural toast to this blog—dedicated to the proposition that individuals are responsible for actively pursuing their own well-being and happiness and proposing the idea that music and craft beer are travel companions that can surely be relied upon to point you in the right direction when you can&;t speak the local dialect or when you&;ve lost your compass (literally or morally).

August 23, 2013—So, it’s been a long day (week) and I wasn&;t exactly planning on enjoying a beer; then again, I wasn’t exactly planning on having a such an arduous time at work either—one of those days (weeks) where deadlines were shifted, limits were tested and responses were measured. How appropriate, then, that I should stumble into a brew named "Enjoy By 09.13.13".  

I love the idea of a craft beer with a sell by date, the ultimate form of deadline. On the one hand, it seems so cold, impersonal and commercial; on the other, it suggests a sense of urgency, that of an impending expiration of value and flavor, a time-bomb of enjoyment slowly but surely ticking away.  Indeed, the brewer is exhorting us to enjoy the beer at its apex—the point at which all the wonder and joy that was intended is, in fact, ready and present. Stone’s site clearly states that this beer was brewed “to NOT last”.

While I am generally opposed to the ideas that enjoyment has terms or limits, that people should find themselves held at gunpoint to "buy now!" or that negative consequences follow failures to conspicuously consume, I find myself nodding my head favorably and swinging my support to Stone’s notion that the pursuit of good things is often squeezed into a small window where inaction results in potential and actual loss.

Indeed, the very notion of this blog is the idea that great beer, great music and great moods are not constrained by any particular formula or agenda—they can occur and coincide randomly and without orchestration—in no particular order and not necessarily in relation to one another. But surely, happiness and enjoyment are active pursuits!  How many of us are willing to walk or run down the well-trodden path of the banal or to wade in the shallow waters of ho-hum conventionality? There absolutely should be a sense of urgency in our quest for enjoyment. And maybe time limits—preferably ones that are self-imposed—are wonderful motivators and force multipliers!

By the time I was half-way through this beer and halfway through this blog entry, I knew for sure that I would be raising the bar on my most recent efforts to enjoy life. Oddly enough, I started this day with a clear palate, neither happy nor sad, not particularly thirsty, and without a beat to set my mood. Today a single beer changed that—I’m smitten with the idea that I can achieve an outstanding frame of mind merely by penciling it in.  

What follows is the soundtrack, perhaps a little more theme-driven than I usually put together, but here it is (in its usual eclectic and unharmonious format):

The Playlist

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    I hope in the future I don't rely too heavily on cheesy brewery name references, but how can you go wrong with falsetto soul proclamations of undying love? I have always been stone in love with this tune...
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    Not the original, but a cover i think was well done by an artist I happen to like. This song lays down the gauntlet — "its a five o'clock world when the whistle blows, no one gets a piece of my time" ... better yet: "a long haired girl waits for me, to ease my troubled mind."
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    Maybe the most important sentiment for single men of any age. ... like it or not, a man cant afford to wait — shoot from the hip and shoot accurately! As Babe Ruth said: you gotta swing if you want to hit
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    Seeing as how this is a Raleigh-Durham NC blog, it seems appropriate to incorporate an NC band into the playlist in the inaugural post. This song had some definite local, albeit short-lived, popularity in the early eighties.
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    (from the album WhatTime Is It?!) - Misogynistic eighties party music from my youth by an appropriately named band. ... and album.
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    If you are familiar with the NC, SC, and VA phenomenon of shagging, you may have heard this great song through a regional genre called beach music. Don’t think The Ventures and The Beach Boys, google it. Or watch Bridget Fonda in the movie “Shag” ... but only on VHS as the music wasn't licensed properly for distribution on DVD.
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    Click the title for a link to a You Tube video. It's dated now, but still very cute.
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    Oops! The ultimate calendar countdown. ... another talented Raleigh-Durham artist talking about time sensitive issues.
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    My favorite song by Raleigh-Durham chambersoul artist Shana Tucker. A fantastic vignette about a romance and its short-lived timeframe.
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    It IS August, after all...nothing like a little bossa nova to continue a theme and a mood...
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    Call his music underground hip hop, call him an alt rapper, but Mos Def always delivers. This playlist and I needed some beats and time was ticking…
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    Lets tie this thing up with a rump-shaker. And how appropriate is a song that defines the weekend, perhaps the most wonderful “enjoy by” time of all. Two days to pack it all in before we go back to the grind!