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Ska Brewing Modus Hoperandi The Beer of Reliable Consistency

This week’s beer is Ska Brewing’s Modus Hoperandi. The beer I won’t take for granted—unlike the funny blue-eyed brunette in my high school English class. You know the one: you had several classes together, you even shared a group assignment or two, and you thought about asking her out a few times but you were too easily distracted by the Dutch exchange student or the surfer girl who transferred in from California (neither of whom actually gave you the time of day). Sometimes you look too far afield when there’s a good thing right under your very nose. Modus Hoperandi is my lesson learned.

My last beer playlist was posted during the week I designated the week of self loathing but I’ve since experienced several weeks of invincibility. After re-engineering all my rituals, regimens and foolish consistencies, I have been plowing through to-do lists, tearing up the fitness routine, and eating with care and moderation. What a fantastic feeling—like finding out that sophisticated redhead in your philosophy class digs you or hearing that the college scout was in the crowd the night you played your game of the season.

But that’s the funny thing about happiness and joy—we all too often take a passive approach to experiencing those emotions. We wait for things to happen or for people to impact us instead of achieving that state of mind by pursuing it, by seeking and finding cumulative joy in the little incremental things that taken in sum equal more than what you experience in parts. We should stack the little things back to back until they simply crowd out the negative and destructive influences that are so much easier to embrace and dwell on. I guess that’s the whole point about this post: the simple and accessible things are well within our grasp if only we give them the importance and appreciation they deserve.

The enjoyment of craft beer is no different—we aficionados enjoy the exotic discovery or the big seasonal; we pine for the rare bottle or the one-off that you’ll only ever have once, but we sometimes forget about our go-to beer. Sometime you have to think about your relief pitcher, your sixth man, that big game player who comes in to make the difference or to provide reliability and consistency. Maybe you stock up on yours at your local bottle shop or maybe you’re lucky like me and can get a great beer like Modus Hoperandi at the local grocery store that I pass everyday on the trip home.

Commuting after a hard day at work I can sometimes envision that bold green can of delightful bitter hoppiness. Modus is a great beer to pair with meals—perfect with spicy dishes and a wonderful palate cleanser when eating multiple courses. Blessed as I am to live in NC, the beer state of the South, there is no problem with access to craft beer, but so many well known IPAs—and poor imitators—seem to me to have weakened over the years, and would now more properly be classified pale ales. Modus Hoperandi tastes the same as it has for years, consistently and reliably a crisp, bold, rich, bitter-enough IPA.

 Add to that the fact that I love craft beer in cans. Ska was the second craft brewer after Oskar Blues to package their beers in cans and to gain the benefits of light fastness and air tightness for the contents. If you have hang-ups about cans, rest assured that the can myths have been debunked for decades. While a container can be seen as merely a conveyance, the contents are well protected in cans. Do I actually drink my beer from cans? No, nor do I drink from bottles. Always from a glass—I prefer a tulip or snifter to enjoy the fragrance. Snobbish, you think? No, not at all, because I encourage you to enjoy your beer any way that works for you. I am neither right nor wrong, just happy with what works for me.

In the end, what definitely works for me is taking charge of my own enjoyment and happiness and actively pursuing them. Which is why I sit here this wonderful winter afternoon slowly sipping a Modus Hoperandi and listening to my latest beer playlist.

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The Playlist

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    This is a great tune about a dude who is firmly in the friend zone—You can really feel his longing in this one.
  2. 0
    As long as we’re talking about kissing, this classic from the master gets lots of play on my ipod.
  3. 0
    Certainly in the running as my favorite Tanya tucker song.
  4. 0
    This quirky little gem might border on stalker-girl than girl-in-friend-zone, but it’s a catchy tune that I enjoy.
  5. 0
    This is simply my kind of positive, upbeat, indie smart-girl kinda music.
  6. 0
    I absolutely love the jazzy lounge meets electronica that these dudes put together. This particular tune makes me want to lounge on the lanai in some tropical rainforest cabin.
  7. 0
    Well, how could I not like a collaboration of these two. I’m a huge fan of Kweli’s lyricism and Fiona’s sultry soul temptress vibe.
  8. 0
    This tune came off the album Cinemetroplis, most of which I simply dig—the variety of musical influences and the titles of the songs is incredible. I could easily have chosen one of several others for this playlist.
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    One can’t help wonder where his music would have evolved or how many other trails he might have blazed had he not died so young. I love this song—I can, and often do, hit replay several times over.
  10. 0
    I love me some bubblegum and this breathy, happy tune makes me smile. Haters: save your energy for those who will take your bait.
  11. 0
    Just to reinforce my last statement, here’s another song that confirms to my music snob friends just how pedestrian my taste is. How can’t you like it? This Georgia boy sounds a little like a country Andre 3000.
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    The Godfather of Soul features prominently when I imagine the movie soundtrack to my imaginary role as superhero and defender of all that is good in the universe. I refuse to wear a cape or tights, however.