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Bombshell Beer Company Pick Up Line Porter The Beer of Contradiction

This week’s beer is Bombshell Beer Company’s Pick Up Line Porter—A “just right” brew, one that evokes images of the quiet girl across the room—the one with the shy smile; all corduroy, tweed and cashmere. I call it the Beer of Contradiction. Why? Because while pick up lines are crass and unsophisticated, this lovely porter relies on a gradual and quiet seduction. Take a sip, close your eyes and imagine crackling fireplaces and cozy sofa evenings. This delightful little beer closes in and slips you a long, slow, warm, chocolaty French kiss right when you least expect it. Count me in.

February 23, 2014—It’s been a long while since my last post. For some reason, I have lately settled into a nearly mercenary form of efficient and relentless personal/professional productivity—all of this at the expense of my own wellbeing and enjoyment. How ironic, really. When you consider that this blog was started with the idea that beer and music go hand in hand with good moods, it’s crazy that I have to remind myself from time to time that productivity is NOT a mood. While a good mood can make one productive, the resulting efficiency is a consequence of your mood and not a substitute for the same.

Imagine my anxiety, then, when I realized just how humdrum I had allowed my life to become—I was suddenly aware of why I was feeling particularly raw and edgy today. Driving back to the house from running mindless errands, I was admonishing myself for missing out on all the things that bring me joy: Playing indoor soccer in the young dudes’ league, workouts and fitness routines, exhibits at NC Museum of Art and The Contemporary Art Museum, unexplored new restaurants and bars downtown, and music halls in Durham, to name just a few. In the midst of promising myself to change my ways, it suddenly occurred to me that Bombshell Beer Company had opened recently and I had no real reason not to drop in. It was a decision that I do not regret.

With a very accessible location, the Bombshell taproom is a friendly and inviting place and the joint was jumping, at least by Holly Springs’ standards. I had the pleasure of meeting two of the owners: Jackie, whose down home hospitality seems underpinned by a steely-eyed determination and Michelle, the engaging and friendly sales partner with none of the insincerity one often associates with sales/marketing folk. I also met Steve, the brewmaster, who reminded me of my younger and more enthusiastic self and Misty, the beerslinger with the million dollar smile and a broken BMW.

As an unabashed hophead, I often regret that my palate has been pushed to the point where browns, porters, ambers and lagers just don’t intrigue anymore—too light, too tame, and just not enough oomph to make them discernible for me. In a craft beer world where it has become overwhelming difficult to deal with the myriad choices with which an aficionado is faced, one must always remain open-minded. Had I not, I wouldn’t have discovered that Bombshell’s porter is different --a dark and quietly seductive little brew that catches your attention ever so subtly. I was first tempted by her bold and brassy sister, Lost My Way IPA, but sometimes it is best not to get too enamored of the popular girls. And, while I admit that I got a little sidetracked by the bubblegum joy of their equally delightful sister, Bombshell Dunkelweizen, I ultimately found myself intrigued by the Porter, one of Bombshell’s Flagship beers.

Flagship beers often end up being unfortunate compromises of flavor or pedestrian in style. As I pointed out in my tribute to one must “…remember that a brewery is a business that has to sell across a broad spectrum of tastes.” The challenge is making bold enough beers for the converted but accessible enough for the new or uninitiated. If the Bombshell Beer Company can deliver this Porter consistently, it will be a wonderfully reliable beer. Perfect for snuggling on a flannel blanket in jeans and tees; for sipping beneath a leafy canopy at the Arboretum; or for lounging barefoot in the backyard, grass tickling your toes.

The playlist I built for this beer is a little longer than normal and consists entirely of female vocalists—a tribute to women-owned enterprises everywhere, especially the ones that brew craft beer. Gentlemen, don’t practice your pick up lines. Instead, pick up a Pick Up Line Porter. You might fall in love….

The Playlist

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    This song, especially by this artist, captures the warmth and subtle seduction of the Pick Up Line Porter. A good beer with Julie London on the ipod? Simply sultry.
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    I’m also a huge fan or her song Different Kind Of Love. This artist just sings pretty tunes. And I have a soft spot for all kinds of pretty.
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    Snappy, smart tune that is surprisingly old. When I first heard it many years back, I thought it was a retro-styled present-day alternative tune. Turns out this Swedish songbird did only one album in 1970 that was re-released in the nineties as some Swedish alt hipster dealie-o. That’s where this tune came from.
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    There is a fragile something about this girl’s music that is really sincere. She has a playful side as well, but I find this song as vulnerable as it is bold and courageous .
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    Straight up soul, here. Love this girl’s music. One of my favorite Monday-morning-conquer-the-world tunes.
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    I love the cadence in this tune and the way Shania wraps her charisma and feeling into so many of her songs.
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    First heard her music in the movie Valley Girl. Josie has definitely changed and grown with the times. This song has a cool movie theme song vibe.
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    Sort of an alt pop girl, but not easily classified. I really enjoy her music and her lyrics.
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    Another artist not easily classified. Her music has a soothing effect on me….A perfect artist for a Pickup Line porter on the front porch on a starlit night.
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    Quirky, happy music by an artist I have liked for a long while. What’s wrong with the idea of an alt bubblegum tune?
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    What a sexy tune. Slowly walking arms around waist with a beautiful woman in dress and heels on a glorious date night. Instead of the modern day equivalent of shuffling quickly alongside some gal in yoga pants and running shoes while running errands and checking email .
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    Jazz vocals in French….turn the lights down low. Pour your beer into a tulip glass and slow dance in the kitchen.
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    This former country artist now does folk and Americana. I’ve been digging this particular song for a couple of decades now. Don’t know what genre to attribute to this very pretty tune.
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    Whenever I go the JC Raulston Arboretum down near NC State, I simply must listen to Colbie Caillat. Her music is perfect garden music. For me, this song is her absolute best—all butterflies and warm breezes.
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    The Queen of Soul. Love all her classics, but this funky beat always winds me up and gets me going.
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    Was hooked on this tune when it first came out. The Aretha similarities stand out right away and I love the retro organ beat. Always end a playlist on an up-tempo note! And with a quality craft beer……