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Big Boss Brewing Deuces Wild Double India Pale Ale The Beer of Certainty

Some people like to roll the dice, others play their cards close to the vest. Personally, I’m a fan of the sure thing. Yeah, I’ve been known to order a pint based on recommendation alone, but let’s face it: If you respect the recommender, you’re not really gambling. The folks at Big Boss must have known that I don’t like the chase and that I don’t like trying to decipher “hard to get”. Because when that smart beauty with the hourglass figure flashes a grin or when that copper colored brew laces so nicely in your snifter, it’s time to enjoy the moment, not play games. Deuces Wild Double IPA may be named for a poker style, but it’s a sure thing for me.

April 7, 2014—What a crappy day. It’s April in beautiful Raleigh-Durham NC but for some reason its cold and rainy. And I seem to have some kind of sinus infection. And the boss is in from out of town. And the weekend wasn’t too fun….need I say more?

Its hard to go to a local brewery with your blog partner when your head is compressed and your nose is wetter and colder than a puppy’s. “Geez, I hope they have a double IPA on tap” I thought to myself. “It’s the only way I can see to cut through the haze and be able to taste and smell something.”

Ah, the wisdom and patience of age. How appropriate then that I would find myself at Raleigh’s Big Boss Brewing—A local brewer near and dear to my heart for the role it played in my development as a craft beer aficionado. And how appropriate that they would find it in their brewing hearts to have their Deuces Wild Double India Pale Ale on tap.

What a perfect solution to what ailed me. This citrusy, resiny hopped-up brew quickly cut through my clogged sinuses and scratched up throat. From being able to smell and taste no dinner, I found myself awash in a hoppy wonderland. The only thing missing was the full-figured pinup girls who were featured ubiquitously and gloriously in the taproom artwork.

I also had the distinct pleasure of running into a professional colleague—Mike Cook of Raleigh’s Glover Printing, who is doing a bang up job of marketing and creating all sorts of print media for Brewer’s statewide. Mike is creating signage, collateral materials and even tap handles for many of our fine local brewers. He’s also the creator of the Raleigh Beer Guide, which you can pick up at your favorite craft brewing establishment.

As Mike and the beer playlist guys reminisced about old times in the printing industry, we did so in the spirit of the local beer community—a little collaboration, a lot of laughter and the perfect amount of hops and malts. This is what I like about beer, and about brewers like Big Boss. Because beer, and local brewers are accessible. Enjoyable. Unifying. Perfect with any food, with friends, with laughter.

I can only fantasize that the folk at Big Boss might collaborate with the folks at Bombshell Beer Company to create the perfect pin-up girl beverage. Anyone up for a lip-puckering Betty Grable Sour?

Deuces, y’all.

The Playlist

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    How appropriate for a day that is both a Monday and a rainy day. But I’m not lying when I say I have always loved Karen Carpenters voice. Despite a sad and short life, she left behind some good music—not as square as you think.
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    A namesake tune for today’s featured beer. Wray was the original rebel rocker—cool,dark and hip. Folks may be interested in knowing that he is a native North Carolinian, hailing from Dunn, which is not too far from Raleigh-Durham.
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    Certainly not anywhere near his best, but I have always loved this catchy little tune and its positive vibe. Bubblegum blues?
  4. 0
    Love the sentiment behind this country two-stepper. The older I get, the more I think the story in this song might have been written about an old fool like me.
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    I used to play this one in my favorite watering hole. Its especially relaxing on a quiet late afternoon in the summer, sipping a nice session IPA or farmhouse ale.
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    You gotta love surf instrumentals. Reverb guitar and that whole Early Southern California vibe. These cats rock out.
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    Been listening to this one a lot lately for no particular reason, other than I really like it. Only I would be sick enough to consider it the best song off the Rumours album.
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    Don’t tell me this one doesn’t get you going. “Whatchoo gon’ do?
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    Still love this track, the single from his debut album. Eminem signed him shortly after his own successful debut and the similarities/influences are clear on this fun-loving tune.
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    While no fan of Heineken, or lagers in general, I like following the acts they feature on their commercials. That’s where I first discovered this group and whose unconventional and varied sound I really enjoy.
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    There are certain songs that when you hear them on the radio you won’t switch stations until the song finishes. This one is on my admittedly large list. Don’t touch that dial!
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    I know that lots of folk are digging his song “Happy” but for me this one is the type of cocky, upbeat tune with which I like to tie up a playlist.