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The foundation of our site is what we call a “beer playlist”. It consists of a blog post about a featured beer (or brewery or beer event) and is coupled with a twelve song playlist.

The blog post portion of the playlist is a tedious, overwrought commentary on the featured beer, the author’s mood, and sometimes a little reference to the music.

The playlist portion of the playlist is a collection of twelve songs, assembled at or near the time of the related blog post, and are the compilation that just so happened to bring a positive mood to the author in that particular timeframe.

;ll get the idea....

We are working on additional features at the time of this writing. We understand how difficult it is to keep a site updated and current and are reluctant to promise what we can’t deliver. We hope to add sections relating to food pairings, beer cocktails, NC-based breweries, and more. We will list those features when they go live.

We are intensely proud to be located in Raleigh-Durham NC. We love this area and all the richness of opportunity and activity that it offers.

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