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General Principles What our site is

Not really an FAQ, but a snapshot of what our site is and is not.

Silver Linings and Good Moods Prevail—If beer and music are the most appealing and accessible part of this site, then mood is certainly the core. The heartbeat of the beer playlist is that world is a better place if we realize that our mood affects our attitude and our outlook. If we are happy internally, and present a genuinely happy face to the world, then we have the greatest chance of enjoyment and of helping others to be happy as well.

Consumption in Moderation—Please be responsible. Have all the happiness and song you can fill your life with, but remember that beer, in all its tasteful variety and wonder, requires common sense and moderation. Make sure to drink on a full stomach and consume at least a pint of water with your pint of beer. Designated drivers are wonderful people—make sure you have one and that you treat them well.

Diplomacy and Manners—In the unlikely event that anyone should follow or contribute to our site, we would want them to be gracious and worldly in their outlook—thoughtful diplomats who can communicate their support and dissent in constructive ways. We all know that this whole internet thingie hasn’t quite turned out to be the unifying and democratic love-in that it was hoped to be, but we can certainly try to do our part to promote harmony and joy. Trolls and haters can hang out at someone else’s bar….

We Welcome Comments, but not Snarkiness or Hate—please share your thoughts. It should be obvious that the authors are not seeking approval, consensus, or acknowledgement of our beer or musical taste and lack thereof. Haters gonna hate, but don’t hate based on the idea that we think our tastes are sophisticated, hip, profound or even relevant . Au contraire, mon frère. Suggest a beer that we can try or submit your own playlist to our comments section—We’re hoping to mine something from your efforts as well. Once again: we always respect the fact that there are no wrong answers when it comes to personal preference.

No Tears in Your Beers—Just another reminder that alcohol and sadness don’t mix. Sadness and melancholy are all part of our very human condition—but leave the beer out when things aren’t going your way. Music and a determined will to fight through hardship is what you need. When you finally overcome, celebrate with a pint and a song!

No Beer Snobbery—Craft beer and not- so- craft beer are a matter of personal preference. It’s personal, get it? The authors of this site are lovers of Imperial IPAs and Imperial stouts—big beers with bold flavors. We love talking about beer, sharing beer knowledge with newbies, and exposing friends to a great pint. But we always respect the fact that there are no wrong answers when it comes to personal preference.

No Music Snobbery—if a song, a voice, a beat, a sound, or whatever moves you, then by all means be moved. If It makes you move, all the better. Toe-tapping and head nodding are encouraged. You will find no canon of music here, no greatest albums ever list, and no opinions or reviews to speak of. Most likely, you will see a discordant assemblage of the pedestrian and banal. Its ok, though. Maybe you’ll discover or re-discover a tune that brings you joy.
Mostly, just sing, spread happiness and drink responsibly. Beer in moderation, music and happiness in abundance.

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