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About The Beer Playlist

The Beer PlaylistWhere Mood and Music Meet Malts and Hops

In the history of mankind the pursuit of happiness has been an instinctual, pathological and noble endeavor, oft accompanied by beer and song. The intersection of the three—mood, music and beverage—has been genetically and inextricably bound for so long that we sometimes take for granted their contribution to our well-being.

In the never ending quest for happiness and contentment—as we find ourselves hurtling headlong into the pursuit of pleasurable activities, good times, hobbies, and adventures—we should think deeply about our moods and our appetites. How amazing that in the most desperate of times, in some of the bleakest and most tragic circumstances in human history, a common and compelling desire to make ourselves happy has endured and overcome obstacles too difficult to imagine. In the remotest villages and outposts and in the most-densely packed metropolises, communities have always come together with song, dance, games, sport and entertainment—personally and collectively seeking enjoyment.

In this blog we seek the alignment of good moods, good music and good beer—not necessarily in that order. We allow for the undeniable fact that on any given day one of the three can affect the other in unequal measure and that the enjoyment of one doesn’t necessarily precede or follow the other. We hope that anyone reading this blog will have in their nature a visceral and instinctual desire to seek and spread not only happiness, but the very idea that simply being in a good mood will positively influence others.

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